The Farmhouse

Built in 1903 before Hollywood was Hollywood. It sat on 300 acres of avocado grove. What remains is the house, some small sliver of the once massive lot and one massive 100+ year old avocado tree in the backyard with a meyer lemon, nectarine and guava trees.

After a laundry list of owners and tenants, Shane moved in and turned the place into The Farmhouse, a place that's more than just a home. It became a community space focused around co-working, publishing, and a conference.


We wanted to focus with a visual that could bring together all the projects they work on. After attending a conference at the Farmhouse which brought everyone together under the huge avocado tree, we realized that the avocado would be the perfect symbol. We created a loose system with the sub-brands to allow the identity organically grow with the many projects they work on.

Farmhouse Sketches
Farmhouse Logomarks
Farmhouse Poster
Farmhouse Sweatshirt
Farmhouse skateboard